Ural is the world’s only sidecar motorcycle manufacturer. Being the biggest and definitely the coolest of the handful of small brands such as Liberty and Royal Enfield that are still selling sidecars and sidecar kits.

It has made sidecar military motorcycles for use in harsh and demanding conditions in Siberia since World War II, based on the BMW R71 bike.

Today the factory continues to produce sidecar outfits with great classic looks incorporating modern technology and proven components.

2014 marked a big step forward in technology for the Ural, as almost 40 changes were announced for the new models.

Most significant were the Brembo brakes which are now fitted on all wheels, and the fuel injection for greater power and improved economy.

The real fun, though, is when you customize the sidecar to your own specifications. The increased stability, greater carrying capacity, overall simplicity and unique looks of a Ural sidecar bike make for a durable, practical fun bike.

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