Are You Buying Genuine Car Parts?

Tips to Buy Genuine Car Parts

Counterfeit automotive parts have become a threat in recent years, both to OEMs and vehicle owners. Many people end up buying car parts online from anonymous sellers with dubious origins. Fake parts are more likely to wear down faster or fail entirely compared to OEM spares. Fake parts also aren’t subjected to rigorous quality assurance and safety tests that are necessary for genuine and reputed aftermarket spares. Overall, the biggest issue with fake parts is safety, which should never be at risk. 

Fake car parts aren’t just eating into the margins of automakers, but also putting drivers at risk. So how do you tell if a part you are purchasing is genuine or fake? Here are some pointers:

  1. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Often times, spares and parts identical to the ones you are looking for appear for attractive prices online. Since the internet is vast, counterfeit sellers can retail fakes with impunity. The first giveaway that a part is not genuine is, in most cases, the price. If the gap between a part’s OEM and your seller’s prices is too large, then you are most probably looking at a fake.
  2. Focus on frequent consumables of a car such as spark plugs, brake pads, oil filters, and wiper blades. Making a side-by-side comparison between a genuine part and a counterfeit part will help you understand what to look for when inspecting spares.
  3. Ask yourself a few questions. Do the OEM parts weigh the same? Do the parts have identical composition? Is the car brand logo aluminium or plastic? Do the font, artwork, texture, and palette on the packaging match genuine parts packages?
  4. Check the Certificate of Authenticity. This can be found on the OEM part or its package with a unique security code and ID label. If the COA is dealer-generated, it is worthless. Look for manufacturer tags.
  5. Invest in a trustworthy automotive parts and spares service. Having a dependable garage on your side which knows your vehicle’s running history keeps you safe from poor-quality counterfeit parts and spares. At the same time, your vehicle will be kept in top shape by experienced hands at the service shop.

At Avantizone, we are especially careful with our inventory of genuine parts and spares. With a team of skilled mechanics and auto repair professionals, our garage makes sure we only use OEM parts as recommended by relevant manufacturers. Our experience can also help you identify fake car parts, were you to come across any in your purchases. Give us a visit to know more!

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