Car Care Tips: Long Live the Automobile!

Car Care and Maintenance Tips

In an era where TVs, smartphones, computers, and home appliances do not need regular checks or maintenance, it’s tempting to think our vehicles are equally attention-free. Well, we tend to think wrong sometimes.

Modern vehicles aren’t are electronics. They’re incredibly complex mechanical devices made up of thousands of parts working cohesively together. These parts move up, down, and around according to their intended role. From the smallest bicycle to the biggest interplanetary spaceship, vehicles roll on inflatable rubber tyres. Components like these require timely attention and replacement.

Maintaining a vehicle in its top shape pays off in the long run as your vehicle ages nicely without causing major trouble through the years. Regular maintenance is quick, easy, and cheap. It also puts your mind at ease that your SUV, pickup, or car is working just fine and won’t leave you stranded by the roadside. Additionally, well-cared for vehicles last longer and hold more residual value than neglected peers.

Keeping your vehicle in good order does not require you to be an enthusiast or a gearhead. It doesn’t even take a lot of time. Cars in Africa are subject to some of the planet’s harshest climates, which means it is all the more necessary to keep an eye on your set of wheels. Here is a short list of things you can do to ensure good car care. Inspecting everything mentioned on this list should be enough to see if your car is ready to go. Beyond that, periodic lookovers and maintenance should keep your car battle-ready.

Check the Oil Level

Check The Oil LevelIt is good practice to keep an eye on your engine oil level. Take out the dipstick, wipe it clean, and insert it fully back into its sheath. Now pull it back out and check if the oil coated on it is between maximum and minimum lines. They are marked on the dipstick itself.

If the oil is too low, refill it with recommended grade from the manufacturer. Try not to spill any on the engine: hot oil smokes. Oh, and engines need clean oil, not just enough oil.



Check Windshield Washer Fluid


The windshield washer reservoir is located under the car’s hood. It is usually translucent so it’s easy to inspect and maintain fluid levels. If that’s not the case, you can fill the reservoir to the brim. Avoid filling the reservoir up with pure water, as freezing temperatures will turn the water into ice. The result? Windshield fluid lines are choked, rendering car wipers useless.



Check Tires’ Air Pressure

Tyre Pressure Check

Always follow company-recommended tyre pressure levels. Too much pressure, and the tyre(s) might burst during a drive. Not maintaining pressure creates a drag on the drivetrain, reducing the fuel efficiency of the car. Also, low-pressure tyres are more prone to picking up punctures. Giving the tyres a look-see every month should be enough.





How’s Your Coolant Level?

Checking Coolant LevelThe car radiator contains coolant that keeps your engine cool. The radiator makes sure the coolant doesn’t heat up, causing more harm than good. When the engine is cool, the coolant level should rest between “min” and “max” lines. If it is low, top it up with some antifreeze recommended by the manufacturer. NEVER refill the cooling network through the radiator cap!




Brake Fluid: Where’s the Level at?

Check Car's Break Fluid LevelModern brake systems almost never leak, but it is prudent to keep an eye on them every once in a while. The brake fluid reservoir is another translucent container. If it is full, your car brakes are working at full capacity. If it appears low, purchase recommended brake fluid and top the reservoir up. Brake fluid needs to be replaced at regular intervals. Consult your owner’s manual to see replacement timelines.




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