The Most Favourite Pickup Trucks of Africa

Most Popular Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are one of the most common cars plying the roads of the African continent. With unmatched practicality and utility, these trucks have become crucial to the African motoring landscape. But which trucks does the continent love the most? Here are five of the hottest pickups in Africa.

Foton Blizzard

Foton Blizzard

A relatively unknown brand hitherto, Foton is rapidly gaining popularity in the continent. The Foton Blizzard’s year-on-year sales bump is testimony to the fact. This pickup is cost and fuel-efficient, capturing a big chunk of the pickup market for itself. Available in both single and crew/double cab configurations, the hardy Blizzard is suited to commercial and business operations in Africa.




Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger Ford was slow on catching up to the fact that small and light pickup trucks were also in demand. Once it caught on though, Ford gave us a great truck in the form of the Ranger. The American pickup has held its own in the face of tough competition from Japan. The Ford Ranger’s success is down to its versatility, making it equally suitable as a family vehicle or commercial loader.




Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi has a knack of making durable trucks that are resilient to wear and tear, without asking too much in maintenance. The Mitsubishi L200 is a shining example, with its proven platform still holding popularity across the markets it is sold. Available in crew cab configuration, this pickup is geared more toward families, but can still haul heavy cargo when required. As an added bonus, it looks rather stylish with its curvy lines and bulbous bed.



ZZ Nissan Rich

ZNA Nissan Rich Pickup

Zhengzhou Nissan Auto Company is a Sino-Japanese venture which has developed a range of pickup trucks for Africa. Available at Avantizone, the ZZ Nissan Rich is a capable load hauler that still has creature comforts to keep occupants happy and comfortable. With Japanese technology to fall back on, you can be sure you have the perfect motoring companion, be it family outings or commercial duties. Such is the reputation of the Nissan for reliability.


Toyota HiLux

Toyota Hilux

Speaking of reliability, there is simply no other pickup truck in Africa that can match the legendary Toyota HiLux. The tough pickup truck has been a smashing success since its introduction in 1969. In fact, it was outsold only four times, in the years 1969, 1978, 1997, and 1998, by another pickup truck. Toyota has built a reputation for infallible reliability, durability, and quality. Starting out, the Toyota HiLux was just seen as a more economical alternative to popular pickups of the day.  However, it quickly established itself as a premier choice in the cabin comfort aspect too.



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