Size Available: 208L, 20L, 4L & 1L

Fluid for automatic transmissions of cars of outdated designs requiring the use of fluids according to the DEXRON II D specification. High-quality mineral base oil and specially selected additive package provide high oxidation stability, improved anti-friction properties, protection against corrosion and oxidation, foam control, and compatibility with seal element materials.
Product Performance & Specifications

Dexron® || D , Ford Mercon®, ZF TEML 02F/03D/04D/09/11B/11A/14A/17C, Voith 55.6335,MAN 339 V1/Z1, V2/Z2, Allison C4, CAT TO2, Daimler MB 236.1 and MB 236.


  • High thermal and oxidative stability minimizes sludge formation and prevents varnishing of transmission component surfaces
  • Optimized frictional characteristics and foam control ensure crisp and smooth shifting in a variety of transmission modes
  • Improved anti-wear properties protect key transmission components from wear
  • High viscosity index provides lubrication of parts, both at high operating temperatures and during “cold” starts
  • Effective corrosion and rust protection reduces wear and extends transmission life
  • Elastomer compatibility extends seal life and reduces the likelihood of oil leakage

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