Voltage: 12V

Capacity at 20Hr(Ah): 65Ah

Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) EN1: 465A

Mean Weight with Acid (kg): 16.5kg

Heat resistant body design

Endura Diesel special has been designed to withstand the heat of the diesel engine that is 40% hotter than pertol engines. Under such extreme conditions, your battery’s performance will be reduced substantially. To bear the heat our R&D has come up with a special plastic material that’ll protect the battery.

Heavy Load Endurance

Endura Diesel Special offers the highest Heavy Load Endurance (HLE) rating in the category allowing the battery to withstand a much larger number of deep charge-discharge cycles when in operation.

Cyclx® Alloy

Only Endura Diesel Special has patented Cyclx® Alloy that gives your car battery the power to withstand a much larger number of chargedischarge cycles.


Amco Endura Diesel Special comes with a 30-month full replacement guarantee as against the regular pro rata warranty offered by most other makes- true value for money!

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