Gulf Multi GTS 20W-50

Size Available: 208L, 5L, 4L & 1L

Gulf Multi GTS is premium-quality passenger car motor oil designed for modern, high-output, turbocharged gasoline-powered passenger cars and diesel-powered light duty vehicles. It is blended using selected high-quality base oils and chosen performance additives to provide excellent engine cleanliness and protection against wear and rust & corrosion. It is developed to exceed the performance requirements of API (American Petroleum Institute) SJ/CD.

Product Performance & Specifications

  • Recommended for modern high-performance turbocharged gasoline-powered passenger cars and diesel-powered light-duty vehicles requiring API SJ & API CD quality oils
  • It may also be used in older vehicles where an API service category SH, SG, SF, or commercial category CC quality oil is recommended.


  • Better thermo-oxidative stability minimizes deposits & sludge build-up
  • Effective rust inhibitors retard the formation of rust in critical engine parts
  • Advanced antiwear technology minimizes engine wear and thereby reduce maintenance cost
  • Good Stay-in-grade performance ensures reliable lubrication even at higher load & operating temperatures

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