Voltage: 12V

Capacity at 20Hr(Ah): 3Ah

Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) EN1: 45A

Mean Weight with Acid (kg): 1.55kg


VRLA technology
AGM separator
Robust container
Ca-Ca alloy used
Comes with a capacity from 2.5 Ah – 9 Ah
Suited for new gen and traditional bikes


Very low water loss
Reduced leakage
Highest Heavy Load Endurance(HLE) in its class


Increased cranking power
Instant start / stop
No spilling of acid (use of Absorbed Glass Mat as separator allows absorption of Acid and hence no spillage)
Ultra low maintenance (Use of Ca-Ca alloy)
Highest life in its class
Zero top up, fast recharge and low maintenance
Guarantee – 30 months

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