Gulf Syntrac 4T

Size Available: 208L & 1L

Synthetic engine oil specially formulated for air-cooled four-stroke gasoline engines in motorcycles. Based on high quality synthetic base fluids and a high-tech additive package. Exceeds lubricating oil requirements for the latest four-stroke motorcycle engines. Provides excellent all-round protection for the engine, transmission and wet clutch over a wide range of ambient temperatures. Exceeds the requirements of international specifications API SL and JASO MA (for 5W-40 – JASO MA2), as well as the requirements of most of the leading manufacturers of four-stroke motorcycles.

Product Performance & Specifications



  • High thermal and oxidative stability of the oil and active detergent additives reduce the formation of sludge and solid deposits, which contributes to efficient heat dissipation and prolongs the life of both the oil itself and the engine
  • Controlled friction characteristics prevent clutch slippage
  • Stability of viscosity characteristics ensures reliable lubrication of engine parts at high operating temperatures and extreme loads
  • High performance corrosion inhibitors in an additive package protect and extend the life of critical engine and transmission components
  • Excellent fluidity and pumpability of the oil at low temperatures provides easy “cold” engine start and protection from wear during warm-up

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