Yuasa YB16HL-A-CX

Voltage: 12V

Capacity at 20Hr(Ah): 20Ah

Mean Weight with Acid (kg): 6.3kg

Recommended Charge Rate (Amps): 1.9

Terminal Type: 6

For increased power, less maintenance and longer life, YuMicron CX is the battery of choice. The first motorcycle battery built on lead-calcium technology, YuMicron CX is specially designed for today’s big, complex vehicles, where higher cranking power is a must. It delivers all the features of the standard YuMicron – plus…

Unique CX design for higher cold cranking amps
Lead-calcium technology reduces water loss – and servicing – by 66% compared to lead antimony
And, CX substantially reduces self-discharge – for longer time between charges

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