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6-Cyl. Inline, 4-Stroke




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Fuel Tank

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Shacman F3000 Truck

Expectations and demands are on the rise and the F3000 series is the solution. With many configurations available to choose; from the standard tipper or trailer trucks to highly specialized vehicles for that tough job, the F3000 has you covered. No matter what the job entails, our qualified professionals can help you pick out the perfect vehicle.

  • Cummins core power upgrade, FAST twin center shaft structure gearbox, HanDe high ratio single-stage axle, vehicle power increased by 20%, Cummins ISM engine
  • High performance: Improved muffler, improved ground clearance, new exhaust system layout, lowest center of gravity, new stabilizing technology
  • Military-grade chassis, reinforced driver cab, upgraded oil bath type air filter, strengthened transmission shaft, improved cab front suspension, new front axle stabilizer bar, and muffler, imported cab turning the shaft, off-road racing quality cab damping spring
  • Mature power delivery system, increased overall efficiency, higher uptime, lower maintenance cost

Driving is a stressful endeavor, which is why the F3000 is designed with an improved driver’s cab utilizing advanced technologies from the German truck giant, MAN. Spacious, comfortable and safe, the F3000 cab will bring peace of mind to you on the job.

  • Frame type structure, local strengthening design, for maximum safety
  • Industry-leading torsional stiffness and bending stiffness
  • Highly efficient cabin design; reducing drag and increasing air intake to the engine
  • Toughened laminated windshield glass, ensuring safe operation
  • Greater driver field of vision; allowing better driver awareness
  • Spacious interior and storage space, up to 620mm wide cushioned bed

Functions and Features Functions and Features

  • 01 Engine
    6-Cyl. Inline, 4-Stroke
  • 02 Displacement
  • 03 Horsepower
  • 04 Torque
  • 05 Tyre
  • 06 Fuel Tank
  • 07 Fuel Type
  • 08 Wheelbase
  • 09 Max Speed
  • 10 Curb Weight
  • 11 Gross Vehicle Weight
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  • All descriptions are subject to change without notice.
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SHAANXI AUTOMOBILE & EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD was founded in last century and headquartered in Xi’an . The products range covers Shacman off-road vehicles, shacman heavy trucks, and medium-sized passenger car ( chassis ) , medium and light trucks, heavy-duty axles, Cummins engines, auto parts and other fields, Shacman truck is a national retained after selection of comparative tests only designated off-road vehicle productionparts base and the first automobile export base enterprises. Shaanxi Automobile & Equipment Group are mainly engaged in the development of F2000, F3000,M3000 series commercial truck and auto parts ,sales and related automotive trade in services and financial services, In 2011 ,the products has exported heavy duty trucks over 50 countries around the world , total exports among the head in the heavy duty truck industry . Shaanxi Automobile & Equipment Group Co.,Ltd is a leading and comprehensive import and export company appointed as specializing in exporting F2000 & F3000 all series heavy duty trucks. The truck category has the dump truck( tipper), tractor truck( prime mover), lorry truck( cargo truck) and special purpose truck like concrete mixer truck, water tank truck and fuel tank truck etc. We not only supply the trucks but also supply the Shacman truck spare parts like weichai engine, fast gearbox and hande axles and different various spare parts for the heavy trucks. We have steady customer networks at home and abroad and enjoyed a good reputation among our customers. The products have been exported to nigeria, russia, angola, ghana, kazakstan, Uzbekistan more than 50 countries all over world. We have the full range of the spare parts and service after sales system, which ensure to meet the demand of the customers . Now facing the trade globalization, We insist on “sincere, credit and customer oriented” providing the excellent products and service for customers. We hope that the customers and us can benefit and grow from this sort of cooperation.

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