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RIEJU Motorcycle

Pioneering the manufacture of the electric two-wheelers in Spain, Rieju has created a new range to meet all the needs of users both consumer and fleet. Through close collaboration with BOSCH, a motor has been developed with a maximum power of 4Kw, with a removable battery that allows a range of 110 Km (1 battery), which can be extended up to 280 km depending on the number of batteries. The maximum speed is 45 km/h for the moped. The fast recharging option is just 1.2 hours and standard version for 5 hours.

For the cycle parts, RIEJU NUUK has front suspension with an inverted fork with a diameter of ø41 mm. A rear mono-shock absorber with adjustable preload. Combined brakes use a front disc ø280 mm and rear ø 220 mm. The total weight is 125kg.

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Rieju currently has an extensive all-road range (MRT, MARATHON, TANGO as well as the leading developments of the PRO range in 50cc 2T and 125cc 4T). This is complemented by the 100% sport road vehicles such as the RS3 family (the product with the highest production figures) and the new electric bicycle e-Bicy. All these products have been well-received in markets like Germany, Spain and France – mainly off-road – with 20,000 motorcycles produced in Spain every year, with the support of a solid corporate structure and a concern for the environment.

In 2010 we exported 80% of our production, placing us among the leaders of the market for mopeds with gearboxes. We had a share of the European market that exceeded 17%, with direct sales of our motorcycles in Spain, France, Italy, and the UK and with sales via importers for the rest of the CEE countries. We currently sell our products in 20 countries.

RIEJU Italia and RIEJU UK subsidiaries were created during 2007 in response to RIEJU’s strategy of direct access to existing and potential markets. This ensures that dealers and end-users receive the highest level of RIEJU customer and Post-Sales service as well as making it easier for the young motorcycle enthusiast to find our products and to enjoy the confidence that RIEJU’s guarantee of quality brings.

One of the most important characteristics of every vehicle designed and produced at RIEJU is their versatility. All are created with multipurpose usage in mind and take into account ease of driving with two objectives: safety and user enjoyment. This versatility brings another advantage: personalisation. The majority of the vehicles that we sell can be adapted and transformed according to the personality and tastes of the individual user.

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