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Joylong Prison car Police

Loyal Iron Guard Guards Peace
Police vehicles, as vehicles dedicated to police work, are important police vehicles. Due to the special nature of its use, it is often required to have a dedicated configuration and efficient performance. Jiulong Automobile’s police prison cars and traffic accident investigation vehicles are equipped with advanced and complete special configurations, and they are loyal iron guards that fight crime, protect the peace, and protect the interests of the people.

Dedicated Configuration
The roof is equipped with a long-row flashing alarm and warning lights. The
driver’s cab and the cell are separated by stainless
steel barriers.

Functions and Features Functions and Features

  • 01 Engine
    I4 2.7L RWD
  • 02 Displacement
  • 03 Horsepower
  • 04 Torque
  • 05 Fuel Tank
  • 06 Fuel Type
  • 07 Seating Capacity
  • 08 Wheelbase
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Joylong van is China’s High-End Van, using 3.0L DK5 Diesel Engine with BOSCH CRDi Intercooler Euro IV Emission developed by Toyota Engineering Technology. It is uniquely designed with its spacious interior, comfortable seats and high-roofing that makes each riding experience truly comfortable and satisfaction guaranteed. In the Philippines, Izuparts Center, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of these high-end vans. These vans have also been shipped to other countries like Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa and many parts in the Middle East. Although quality has its price, Joylong is still cheaper than its Japanese counterpart of which it has a strong resemblance.

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